Each blockchain can have one coin on it. The blockchain is like an exchange (like the Nasdaq stock exchange) with its coin being the currency of the exchange. Tokens are like stocks that can trade on this exchange. In reality, they are defined in terms of the coin of the exchange. Their trading on the exchange increases the demand on the coin. Tokens can come with dividends or other benefits. Coins are not meant to have any benefits other than their potential appreciatio

A quick glance at the utilization of mobile telephony around the globe shows that almost half the world and over 57% of Africa does not have internet. This is not getting better through the introduction of the traditional generations of mobile telephones. The reason is simple: the infrastructure is expensive. The main concept of a telephone network is in the presence of a central office that routes the calls or the internet packets. These central offices are expensive; so expensive that should one try to cover all Africa with the current central office technology, one will never recover their investment. This is because of the low density of the population. The solution is to decentralize the central office through blockchain technology for the user data and smaller switches for the routing of the data. The Inovatian Group of Companies (www.inovatian.com) were founded to realize this dream. They have worked diligently since 2015 to reduce the infrastructure cost. They did this through a number of innovations: Using higher 4G towers to reach close to the maximum range of the 4G standard (around 30km). Using mesh Wi-Fi to cover the gaps resulting from the high towers as well as for the denser population areas. Using blockchain to control the authentication and authorization of users

The total supply of Futira tokens and coins is 20,000,000,000 (twenty billion). The token contract had ten billion out of these 20 billion. The amount given to the founders will not increase over the two billion given to them from the token supply

1 Billion Futira Coin.
Initial Investors::
1 Billion Futira Coin.
Sold to the public:
1 Billion Futira Coin.
Coins Available to the Public at Launch:
10 Billion Futira Coin.
Total number of Coins authorized to be issued in the future to support networks:
20,000,000,000 (twenty billion Futira Coin)
Lowest fraction of a Futira Coin authorized upon launch:
0.000001 Futira Coin

Step 1:
1- Create your MetaMask Wallet
2- Follow the instruction in the file (Add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask) to add Binance network
3- Follow the instruction in the file (Import FutiraToken to your MetaMask Wallet) to add FutiraToken to your wallet
Step 2:
Coordinate with us via one of these contacts on Telegram: -
1- Send your Tron wallet ID to unfreeze the account
2- After Unfreeze send the amount to TRC20 Wallet ID TP9VMBtcdo4SBrT6e9e1XmTiemFE3MwrR1 (You need to have some TRX so you can send it)
3- Send a Screenshot of the transaction you did.
4- Send your MetwMask Wallet ID
5- We will provide you with the data to check your amount of Claiming Time.
Claiming time: The time that you will receive your amount on your Wallet, then you can tradeit onthe market.

Follow the instruction in the file (Add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask) to add Binance network

Follow the instruction in the file ( Import FutiraToken to your MetaMask Wallet) to add FutiraToken to your wallet

Adding tokens to Trust wallet is a straightforward process that we’ll explain in detail here:
1- Press the preferences button in the top right corner of your app.
2- Once you’ve done that just scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose add custom token.
3- After opening the add custom token prompt, simply copy and paste Futira’s contract address, once you’ve done that the system will grap the rest of the token’s data
4- Finally, you press Done at the upper right corner of the screen and Futira will be added to your token list.

The way that Futira Contract on Binance Smart Chain works is different from than Tron contract, youwill receive your amount only on your vesting date.

No, but you check this by using the contract ( we will provide the way)

You need to claim your tokens because your token has already been transferred to the contract address wallet, and it’s no longer on the Owner's wallet, and he doesn’t have any control over it, soyou are the only one who can claim his token.

1- Wait until claiming time became (You will receive this on your transaction data)
2- Open Futira Binance Smart Chain contract address (Write part) on your browser using this link
3- Ensure that you have logged in by your wallet in the browser (Extension)
4- Ensure that you have some BNB in your wallet so you can sign your claiming transaction.
5- Go to function number one in the contract its name is Claim
6- Click on write.
7- Sign the transaction
8- You will receive your amount in your wallet.
1- if you don’t have BNB you can’t sign your transaction
2- If you got red alert Screenshots(2) that may mean that the claiming time didn’t come yet.

If you have a vesting transaction you can check t by visiting our contract Read Part:
1- Go to Read part of the contract by this link
2- Scroll down to Function number 10 (getWalletVests).
3- Put your wallet ID
4- Click on Query
5- You will get a result :
- Line number one is the amount of Futira. ( With 18 Decimals, the real amount you should remove last 18 zero)
- Line number two is the number of vesting transactions

You can do this if you have the transaction ID visit our contract Read Part:
1- Go to Read part of the contract by this link
2- Scroll down to Function number 9 (getVestingTrasnaction)
3- Put Transaction ID
4- Click on Query
5- You will get a result :
- address : (Wallet Address)
- uint256: Amount of Futira
- string : ( status of the transaction) usually you will find it Approved
- uint256: Vesting time by Unix format you can convert it to human time by this website: https://www.epochconverter.com/ or you can ask one of our support team on Telegram.

Yes, you can start trading Futira Token on 10 April

We are currently operating in many countries. We have offices in San Carlos, CA, Stockholm, Sweden, Giza, Egypt, Isalamabad, Pakistan, KL, Malaysia, N'Djamena, Chad, Nouakchot, Mauritania, Muscat, Oman and Dubai, UAE. Our R&D is mostly in Egypt and Pakistan. And of course, Tbilisi, Georgia is where the token is issued from and Slovakia

Africa has the lowest internet penetration in the world. Some suggest it is 40% some suggest 50%. In either case, there are about a billion people there without internet

We are not planning much passive income. We have a real project with a big need for it.

We do have a burning function in the contract on Smart Chain. We will burn the extra tokens at the right time. However, for now, we have plans to become the largest mobile operator in the world. We may need all the planned tokens/coins.